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Orion have over 15 years of experience in implementing case management systems in medium to large organizations, from each of the statutory, local government and voluntary sectors.

In practical terms this means we can help in reviewing and unifying local documentation, and advise on how this reflects treatment administration. This can involve triage, comprehensive, referral, risk assessment, care plan, outcome and discharge forms as well as numerous local, specialist forms.

This means working with local system administrators from the start. We start with a form of our own. A project plan. This plan is constantly available, via our customer portal, and is kept up to date with the project team's progress. Everything from initial consultation and correspondence on forms design, to 'go-live' is recorded. Planned completion dates and actual finish dates are tracked as well as the current status of each planned item. This means that client management can be kept up to date with progress and surprises are avoided.

Its important to know who is doing what, and when things are planned to happen. Its also important to know if things are slipping and why this happened. Our customer portal allows all accredited parties to keep up to date with all plans, forms and documents relevant to the implementation of projects.

Implementing a case management system is not something our clients do every year, but its something that Orion do constantly. We understand the apprehension that our client project teams can feel when faced with such a task, and we take it as our prime responsibility to ensure that our transparent, planned approach lends confidence to the process from initial meeting to 'go-live'.

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We are Orion Practice Management Systems Limited.

We are based in Glasgow city centre and we specialise in developing case management software for organisations working in the field of substance misuse, mental health and criminal justice.

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