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Pharmacological interventions are indicated as part of an integrated strategy to support recovery from drug and alcohol addictions (Department of Health, 2017).

As part of its care-planned specialised drug treatment functionality, Nebula features a prescribing module which allows users to provide a whole range of prescribing interventions.

These include the following:

  • Stabilisation on substitute opioids, including dose titration
  • Maintenance prescribing
  • Community detoxification
  • Prescribing to prevent relapse
  • Stabilisation and withdrawal from sedatives, such as benzodiazepines
  • Prescribing for assisted withdrawal from alcohol where appropriate
  • Treatment for stimulant users, which may include symptomatic prescribing
  • Non-medical prescribing (by nurses or pharmacists)

Whether the provision of prescribing interventions is managed centrally or devolved to keyworkers, under the supervision of a team leader, the Nebula system is designed to complement the prescribing service and allow for the production of a wide range of prescriptions.

In the context of care-planned drug treatment, the Nebula prescribing module allows users to produce a wide variety of specialist prescriptions. Whether the focus is on stabilisation, detoxification or maintenance, the user is able to tailor particular treatment plans to meet individual service users needs. Any number of titration, maintenance or reduction plans can be compiled and used by individuals or by every user. Changes to scripts are recorded and accredited users may track the script and batching audits.

The Nebula system caters for prescribing in England, Wales and Scotland in terms of the script durations. For England and Wales scripts of up to 14 days may be produced while in Scotland a 28 day script is possible.

The Orion team will work with local clinicians and pharmacy leads to tailor the Nebula formulary to your exact needs. During operation of the system new drugs may be added or others removed as practice dictates. In this way a formulary composed of controlled and non-controlled drugs can be compiled to exactly suit the local needs of services.

The Nebula system allows for the production of single, one-off scripts or for the printing of entire batches of prescriptions, by service, keyworker or pharmacy.

Within the Nebula prescribing module we make use of a free-format script designer so any layout of script is possible. Orion will work with clinicians and pharmacy leads to tailor the script layouts to suit local requirements exactly.

The Nebula prescribing module produces tens of thousands of specialist prescriptions across the UK every year. As with all other aspects of our software we are always willing to listen to new ideas and suggestions for the prescribing module in our quest to ensure that the Nebula prescribing module is the most fully featured and robust prescribing engine in the substance misuse sector.

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