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Needle Exchange & Harm Reduction

Needle Exchange & Harm Reduction

The Nebula system allows the user to record Tier 2 events for low threshold services. These include Needle Exchange, NX Health and NX Discussion.

The Needle Exchange section itself allows users to record issues and returns of all harm reduction related items, including needles, barrels, sex health materials and paraphernalia. The Nebula system uses the method of Bin Estimates to record returns, whereby a standard can be set for each capacity of bin returned and the contents calculated in reports. Loose works can however also be recorded. A Stock Manager facility allows for levels of stock to be monitored and adjusted.

The system also features an NX Health section whereby blood borne virus (BBV) test details are recorded; these include HIV, Hepatitis, Saliva and Tetanus.

The NX Risk Discussion section is designed to store a pattern of check boxes which indicate whether a particular topic has been discussed with a service user, whether the issue is currently a risk factor in the service users practice or whether the issue has been resolved.

The Risk Discussion date is populated by the event date. When a user selects a check box under any of the three headings: Discussed, Risk Now or Resolved then the Last Discussed date is automatically populated with the Risk Discussion Date.

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