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Event Manager

Event Manager

Nebula Latest Events - Dashboard Client ViewNebula Latest Events - Dashboard Client View

Nebula is an event-driven Case Management System for substance misuse services. This means that the software reflects the actual processes that the service user follows during her association with the service. Events may be one to one sessions with a keyworker, or they may be group sessions. They may be unattended paperwork opportunities for keyworker administration or perhaps a family session - and multiple events are possible, so the user can quickly select all those that are relevant to any appointment.

The list of Events displayed for a particular user, will change according to the Appointment Type chosen. The Duration of the session in minutes, the location of the appointment, the accompanying keyworker are examples of data items that can be recorded from within the Event Manager. Orion will work with clients to tailor the available events to those that most closely reflect the nature of your services.

Once an event that should only be used once within the clients episode e.g. triage/discharge, has been used, it will not appear again on subsequent visits to the Event Manager on behalf of the current client.

A Casenotes screen, allows for a substantial text entry to be made describing the client session. Note that when a casenote is saved by the system, it is stamped with the date and time of the event as well as the username of the individual who posted this note. Further casenotes can be added to a client record, but retrospective editing of casenotes is not allowed in order to protect the sanctity of the original entry.

When event summary details have been added the user is actually taken automatically to each event in turn, whether this is a complete assessment, opening a new modality or even recording a Care Plan or TOP. The Event Manager itself and many of the destinations that the user is forwarded to are controlled by Web Wizards; these are step-based routines that effectively take the user by the hand and guide her through the relevant stages of the task in hand.

The nature of the Event Manager and the extensive use of Wizards are designed to reduce the possible opportunities for mis-postings, and in our experience users react very well to being guided to the right place by the Event Manager - and then being met by a Wizard who adopts the user!

When all further processing is complete the user is returned to the Event Manager screen, where the new event is displayed along with previous entries in reverse chronological order, i.e. the latest entry at the top of the list. From here, events may be edited or viewed or casenotes can be selected by date range and viewed.

The Event Manager is an integral part of the Nebula success story. By making careful use of web technology and by reflecting the working practices of the staff of substance misuse services we have designed an intuitive and practical system that is easy to learn and actively streamlines the administration of client activity.

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