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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system as it pertains to substance misuse treatment and support is a complex network of roles and responsibilities across multiple agencies, both statutory and non-statutory. When constructing a data management system to manage clients moving across and being treated within this system it is necessary to understand the key components of service delivery as they pertain to a criminal justice setting. Orion has a wide experience of working with clients in criminal justice settings to ensure that our criminal justice module exactly meets the particular needs of each criminal justice network.

So a complex structure is required in order to properly interpret and manage such a system. Orion incorporated these processes into our upgraded criminal justice module.

The key components of the resultant Nebula criminal justice module are outlined below:

  • CJ episode
  • CJ assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Alias and Address Manager
  • Required Assessment Manager
  • Restrictions on Bail
  • Prison Sentences
  • Substance tests
  • Document Upload options
  • Offender Management components
  • Tag Manager
  • Breach Manager
  • CJ Dashboard window
  • Events - CJ core and additional local events
  • CJ Data Summary
  • CJIT NDTMS CSV extraction

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