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A core provision of the service provided by Orion is our dedication to customising software. We understand that organisations, whilst operating in a similar environment to others, have particular needs and obligations. These might include the need to provide database support to a specialist family unit or a BBV service, or the obligation to furnish local commissioners with key performance indicators. Whatever the requirement, Orion will work with you to provide the particular database structures that you need to deliver services.

One of the key components of a good substance misuse software system is the assessment area. This may be a simple triage capturing only NDTMS fields, or it may take the form of multi-part assessment tools. Orion has extensive experience in working with clients to produce assessment areas that perfectly complement the paper based systems and procedures currently in place. Our designers will 'story board' your assessments which allows you to see the way in which a complex paper assessment will be represented on-screen. It is important that an assessment 'flows' in the same direction that the paper assessment does, and the Orion designers will ensure that this happens.

Here are some of the data-entry areas our clients have requested:

  • Triage and Comprehensive Assessment
  • Core Data Set (incorporated in main assessment or separate)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Recovery Care Plan & Review
  • TOP (may be interleaved with Care Plan)
  • Lifestyle Outcome Assessment
  • Health and Well-Being Assessment
  • Prescriber and Medical Review Assessment
  • Alcohol AUDIT and SADQ
  • Drugs DUDIT
  • Complexity Status
  • IPS Questionnaire
  • BBV Screening
  • Drug Screening
  • PHQ-9 Depression
  • GAD-7 Anxiety
  • CORE Outcome Measures

The Nebula system can re-produce blank or populated assessments in printed format for use by keyworkers or administrators. These documents can also be re-produced in electronic format suitable for emailing to colleagues or other professional organisations.

We also have wide experience in the production of psycho-social outcomes assessments to your specification or making use of accredited published assessments as you prefer.

If an assessment is a one-off within an episode of treatment, or conversely if aspects of it have to be repeated throughout the cycle in a relational model, we can reflect this in the software.

We have experience too in providing variable assessments for use by large organisations, or partnerships of several providers, who may not require to work with a standard assessment. In this scenario several assessments may be required for different groups and we can provide this functionality.

The capture of client-based information is a core requirement of most substance misuse organisations, and most often the reporting of that captured information is the basis on which the service survives. Orion has wide experience of working with clients to provide an assessment framework that exactly fits the user's needs and those of your funders.

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