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The flagship product from Orion is the Nebula Case Management System for Substance Misuse Services. Nebula is a scaleable, web-based system used by medium to large organisations to manage client-centred information in the fields of substance misuse, mental health and criminal justice.

The system comprises a comprehensive suite of modules which caters for every aspect of substance misuse case management. Some of the major areas that Nebula addresses are:

  • Client records, including multiple contacts
  • Assessments, from basic triage to multi-part comprehensive
  • Risk Assessment
  • Careplans, including integrated TOP assessment
  • Specialist Prescribing
  • Criminal Justice - in the community and secure settings
  • Prison
  • Needle Exchange and Harm Reduction
  • Extract of national reporting standards NDTMS and SMR25 (Scotland)
  • Scottish Waiting Times
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Document Storage - secure file upload and download
  • Psycho-Social assessments that allow services to measure outcomes effectively

A highly secure system, Nebula is built using leading and industry standard Microsoft software technologies including ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server. This promotes a high level of technical security which when linked to a rigidly enforced set of login procedures means that Nebula represents the state of the art in terms of data security.

The Nebula system will be configured to reflect all of the programmes and associated events that may occur within a partnership of services.

The Nebula system manages substance misuse services within organisations ranging from local government and Drug and Alcohol Action Teams, major NHS Trusts - supported via the NHS N3/HSCN network - to medium to large third sector organisations from Aberdeen in the north to Brighton on the south coast.


  • Prescription

    One of the key drug treatment interventions which the National Treatment Agency (NTA) has clarified and defined is Community Prescribing Interventions which includes Specialist Prescribing.

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  • Assessment

    One of the key components of a good substance misuse data management system is a customised assessment area.

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  • Event Manager

    Nebula is an event-driven system for substance misuse services. This means that the software reflects the actual processes that the service user follows during her association with the service.

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    Public Health England (PHE) is responsible for performance monitoring of the drug treatment system in England, incorporating in this process the measurement and reporting of local and national targets.

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  • Scottish Waiting Times

    Orion have developed a Scottish Waiting Times module that allows services to record all aspects of preparation for treatment, including readiness for treatment, start of treatment details and periods of unavailability.

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  • SMR25

    The Nebula system in Scotland features both the initial SMR25 and the follow-up assessments.

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  • Needle Exchange & Harm Reduction

    The Nebula system allows the user to record Tier 2 events for low threshold services. These include Needle Exchange, NX Health and NX Discussion.

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  • Group Management - Speed Entry

    Security is paramount to any system which records confidential, health related data. Orion systems have therefore been developed with security at the forefront.

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  • Criminal Justice

    Drug Interventions Programme (DIP) is a Criminal Justice initiative aimed at engaging substance misuse offenders in drug treatment. The Nebula Criminal Justice module is a comprehensive data management system for use in community and secure settings.

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  • Episode History

    The entire treatment journey of a client is tracked through an episode in Nebula.

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  • Planner

    The Planner module in Nebula provides enriched functionality for recording and viewing appointments.

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