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How are NEBULA licences costed and over what timescale?

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At Orion we understand that client organisations vary considerably in size and structure. This means that client requirements also vary and we try to reflect this in costing licenses. A major NHS Trust with multiple partners, operating over a wide area, may have a highly customised version of Nebula which provides all the aspects of case management that a specialist addictions unit would need. This would contrast sharply with a smaller organisation which specialises in structured counselling and harm reduction. As such we take this into consideration when costing licenses. We usually provide a three year license agreement for new clients. This will generally include a capital fee, to cover implementation costs, followed by monthly support and maintenance contributions. After three years we will negotiate an extension of the license. We also can also build in increments of licenses, so that where partner services reduce, so the license fee will reduce. Of course the opposite is true and as partner services increase, so the licensing changes to reflect this. We always ensure our licensing is highly competitive and fairly reflects the work being done and the service provided for each client.

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