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How is NEBULA supported?

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There are several layers to the support that Orion provides to supplement use of the Nebula system. We first of all identify and develop contact with 'System Administrators' or 'SysAdmins'. These are individuals who have a particularly close investment in the system, and may be a manager, a keyworker or sometimes a clinician. The SysAdmin will act as an inside contact for all matters pertaining to the Nebula system. They will often be able to handle simple queries and generally act as a liaison with the project's management. We feel it is very important to develop and nurture this relationship because although we like to attend project meetings and make other visits to services, we are not 'on the ground' all the time. A local contact who understands the structure and needs of partnership services is a very useful and productive part of the whole software project.

Beyond the SysAdmin we provide a telephone support service, with access to trained Nebula technicians, available during business hours or beyond by arrangement. If local IT permit it, we can shadow users screens and provide direct visual consultation to resolve issues. We also provide an on-line Customer Portal where issues such as change requests or faults can be recorded and maintained. For example when a change request is recorded by a client service, this is properly date stamped and the user identified. Orion will then respond to this and the item will develop with responses being properly recorded. When both sides agree on how to proceed, the change will be scheduled and the user can then track the item to completion. At agreed intervals, reports are produced from the system and SysAdmin and project teams can then keep track of historical issues, change requests and faults, with full text and relevant dates.

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