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What are the Harm Reduction features of the NEBULA system?

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The Nebula Harm Reduction section features a needle exchange which can be configured with individual specifications for needles, barrels, assorted paraphernalia, bins and sex health items. Issue and receipt of stock items can be managed and reported on, including production of NEXMS compatible report. In addition to needle exchange a Risk Discussion section allows keyworkers to record conversations with service users across a range of agreed topics such as injecting in high risk areas or mixing stimulants. Each issue can be dated and recorded as resolved, as a present risk or simply under discussion. In this way low threshold services can manage 'sound bites' of discussions as part of an agreed strategy and report on these in an effort to introduce some structure into what can often be a loosely managed intervention. Another harm reduction feature is the NX Health section where details of Blood Borne Virus testing and vaccination can be recorded as well as items such as saliva testing, tetanus inoculation and wound care.

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