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Can the system be customised to reflect local processes?

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Very often a treatment provider will require changes to be made to Nebula to reflect local processes. An example of this situation would be where a Tier 2 modality is begun, followed by a Tier 3 modality, when the Tier 3 modality is completed and closed, the client can continue with the Tier 2 modality; each of these 'referral Tiers' can then have their own start and end dates. A further example would be where partner services can be configured with their own customised list of possible events and the names of individual events or whole programmes can be customised. These are only two examples of the types of changes that Orion can make to Nebula to suit individual clients; we believe that software should fit our clients needs rather than impose a rigid framework where at best software only changes periodically and all users are given a new national version.

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