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Tower Hamlets DIP

Tower Hamlets DIP


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The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is the quintessential definition of the 'East End'. A vibrant, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan area whose districts are as famous as the borough itself: Bethnal Green, Bow, Mile End, Roman Road and of course Whitechapel. The endless variety of people of different cultures, speaking many languages, and presenting with a wide range of social problems is a continuing challenge for the Borough Council. Part of that challenge is met by the Tower Hamlets Drug Intervention Programme (DIP).

The criminal justice system as it pertains to substance misuse treatment and support is a complex network of roles and responsibilities across multiple agencies, both statutory and non-statutory. When constructing a data management system to manage client moving across and being treated with this system it was necessary to understand the key components of service delivery.


Orion recognised the complexity faced by the DIP Team in Tower Hamlets and so we commissioned our own comprehensive review of criminal justice processes and procedures as they translate to requirements of a case management system.

The community-based delivery of the system is usually divided into distinct parts. Firstly, a Criminal Justice Intervention Team (CJIT) who mainly deal with offenders who commit acquisitive crimes to support their substance misuse. They work within the police custody suites and with the courts, as well as through assertive outreach.

There is also a second mode of delivery in the form of a Substance Misuse Team (SMT) who provide substitute prescribing and support for those clients with complex needs, as well as delivering interventions for those clients legally required to attend substance misuse services via a variety of court orders (e.g. a Drugs Rehabilitation Requirements (DRR)).

Both aspects provide support and interventions for those clients who are engaging with offender management schemes(e.g. Integrated Offender Management). The schemes are aimed at coordinating statutory agencies and treatment services in their delivery of interventions to these individuals, warranting intensive engagement with an aim to significantly reducing their offending. In addition, Prison Link teams provide referral and signposting,as well as ensure a smooth transition of service users (via assistance from Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice and Throughcare teams (CARATs)) from a secure setting such as prison into community services.

So a complex structure is required in order to properly interpret and manage such a system. Orion incorporated these processes into our upgraded criminal justice module and implemented this in Tower Hamlets DIP.

The key components of the resultant Nebula criminal justice module are outlined below.

  • CJ episode
  • CJ assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Alias and Address manager
  • Required Assessment manager
  • Restrictions on Bail
  • Prison Sentences
  • Substance tests
  • Document Upload options
  • Offender Management components
  • Tag Manager
  • Breach Manager
  • CJ Dashboard window
  • Events- CJ core and additional local events
  • CJData Summary
  • CJIT NDTMS CSV extraction

The Way Ahead

The Tower Hamlets DIP now operate the Orion Criminal Justice Module across a network of administrative and secure settings in the Borough. The requirements of such a system are not static of course and Orion work closely with the DAAT team in researching and updating the system.

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