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WDP were established in 1990. A progressive and expanding organisation, based in London, WDP provide drug, alcohol and recovery treatment in London, the South East, East of England and the North West of England. At least 32% of all drug and alcohol treatment in London is provided by WDP people.

Entrepreneurial- Being Creative and Solutions Focused...

The ethos of WDP is markedly different from most substance misuse treatment providers. WDP encourage an entrepreneurial attitude from staff and service users alike. Being creative and solutions focused, rather than submit to the corrosive and problematic circularity which is often attached to recovery and addictions, gives service users a real sense of future and recovery.

WDP wanted to consolidate their management of all client-centred data and in doing so partner with a case management systems supplier who reflected their own ideals. The origins of Orion, as a social enterprise in partnership with a national alcohol charity in Scotland - as well as Orion's commitment to evolution in software - seemed to mirror WDPs own philosophy and the decision was taken to implement the Nebula Case Management System from Orion across WDP's expanding service base.

The Benefits

Working with WDP means bringing a willingness to adapt to work each day and at Orion this fitted right in with our long-held view that software must evolve to meet the needs of the customer, not the other way around. From the beginning, Orion were impressed with the quality of the people on the WDP team. Years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the substance misuse sector were clearly evident and this resonated with our own team of consultants and developers. Being able to focus on a solutions-based approach brought a refreshing advantage to the implementation project. Problems will arise but they are a necessary ingredient of solutions and improvement, which is how a software system evolves. The team at WDP already seemed to know this and the partnership forged in the initial implementation effort has benefited enormously.

The Way Ahead

The Nebula system is now fully operational in all services, a mixture of Adult, Young Persons, Criminal Justice, Individual Placement and Support and Street Drinking projects. Functions such as substitute prescribing, detailed assessment, reporting and NDTMS extractions are all working as specified. This means that as WDP continues to expand in providing a network of substance misuse services across London and beyond - ably supported by the Orion Nebula system - they do so in the knowledge that new challenges will be met by a mature and proven partnership response.

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